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Man is not born to the day and night just to work and relax on weekends only, and then only in the best case. Just life is such that it is necessary to make efforts for the opportunity to realize their most voluptuous dreams. Otherwise, nothing will be left as exercises in virtual sex with some "dove" a beautiful female name - in the worst case. And at best - begging your girlfriend or wife about sex, whose eternal migraine, in the hope that one time out of ten "shots".


Try to remember how many times a week do you come home after a day very tired, something may not be quite pleased. Surely you have long tired of stupid TV, the Internet, stupid conversations with a neighbor over a bottle at it or you in the kitchen. So what are you still have not tried to change something, bring vibrant color to the gray monotony of the everyday life of their own ?! For your own sake that no one will ever make!


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From this moment on, try to begin to live a full life. Change ourselves and change the musty little world around you.


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